Mosaics by Kerry
Mosaics by Kerry

Artist Statement

           I’ve practiced art for over 20 years as a way to bring balance to my life.  It provides me with the opportunity to create, connect with others and bring myself back to center.  I enjoy working in watercolor, fiber, clay sculpture. However, art glass has mesmerized me for as long as I can remember--the colors invoke emotion and I'm intrigued by how those swirls are formed in the glass! With the desire to learn the art of stained glass but the lack of access to instruction, I began the practice of mosaic. I soon found that mosaic allowed for endless possibilities in working with this rich, yet transparent medium.  This freedom satisfied me and kept me from pursuing stained glass. Though I am self-taught, I have sought out instruction in art classes and through self-disciplined study. I've had many informal teachers along the way. I am honored to be a member of the Cedarburg Artists' Guild and the League of Milwaukee Artists.


    Beginning to end, this process is a joy. I begin with a general sketch directly on the substrate. As I hand-cut and place the tesserae, the image begins to take shape. I strive to approach each piece loosely, trusting that it will fall into place...more or less! My focus is on cutting the glass into natural shapes that will fit together to create flow and movement... much like the brushstrokes do for a painter. Next, tesserae are adhered to the substrate. The final stage of grouting unites the entire piece. I find much symbolism in this art form. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is not lost on me how the breaking and re-piecing  of glass in mosaic work resembles the growth and healing process in life. Strong at the broken places.


     What do I use for tesserae?      Primarily the exquisite art glass made by Uroboros, Bullseye, and Kokomo. I also include stone tile, hand-built pottery, mirror, wire-wrapped found objects. Copper foiling techniques are used to preserve and incorporate my watercolor paintings, journal writings, and treasures from nature.


            Most recently, I've explored contrasting light and shadow in water and woods. I work from photographs I've taken and enjoy the challenge of creating semi-realistic representations of nature. I am also naturally drawn to a bright, colorful pallette that  inspires me to create in abstract. The next direction I take may be to merge these two opposing styles. If there is one common thread in my art, it is the life and movement I strive for by thoughtful placement of the tesserae and choice of materials. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my process. I hope my work brings you joy.




Happening Now!

        2022 ART SHOWS

Date TBD  Thirst for Art at Cedarburg Art Museum


Date TBD The Coop-Free Range Art Show


Date TBD  Starving Artists' Show, Mount Mary University   pending acceptance


Sept Date TBD  Art in the Barn


October Date TBD Covered Bridge Art Studio Tour


November - December 31

 Art*Bar Tiny Show


Open Studio -Ongoing


1st & 2nd Tuesdays monthly

6:30-9 pm


$8 per session


Open Studio is available to students with prior experience in glass cutting and grouting.

Rest assured, we will work in a socially-distanced manner. The spacious studio is set up to allow adequate space. Details Here.

Recent Student Masterpieces

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